Shukuru helps girls invest in their own education.

High school is the road less traveled for a girl in Africa.

The Need

Only 1 in 5 girls in Sub-Saharan Africa are enrolled in secondary school

Secondary school in Tanzania is expensive (cost vs. income). HIV/AIDS is so prevalent that by the time a girl reaches high school it’s likely that one or both of her parents have died or are too ill to care for the family. This loss of income wipes out what little money the family has for schooling.

Girls are at much greater risk for getting left behind than boys.

Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for 47 percent of out-of-school children worldwide, with 54 percent of those children being girls. Prevailing cultural attitudes in Sub-Saharan Africa place greater value on boys. It’s a familiar story. If the financial situation of a family forces parents to choose between sending their son or daughter to school, the son will typically win out. Boys are seen as a better economic investment than girls whose financial worth lies in her marriageability rather than earnability. The transition between primary to secondary school is a critical drop-out point.

Girls who drop out are more likely to get HIV/AIDS, die in childbirth and
live in poverty

Girls in Africa who don’t complete secondary school have few options for financial support: marriage, domestic servitude and prostitution. Many marry as young as 13. These girls have a one in 22 chance of dying in childbirth. One in six of her children will die before the age of five.

Shukuru focuses on helping orphaned and vulnerable girls in Africa to afford to stay in school

In Sub-Saharan Africa, cultural expectations have created a belief system that force girls to be the first to drop out of school and the last to be fed or to receive medical care. Without an education, a girl’s future is bleak: child marriage, domestic servitude, poor health, high mortality rates for her children and low wages.

Shukuru is dedicated to giving girls the power and incentive to invest in their own future.

Put a girl in Africa on the path to prosperity

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A statement from our founder regarding the next step forward for Shukuru…
R friend, Dr. Trent inspires our dreams. Her new bk- a must read, The Girl Who Buried Her Dreams in A Can. Buy now:
Thanks @Redwoods1 for your donation and your support. Its always nice to meet more people that believe in what we are trying to do...
It was an amazing two day workshop. The girls learnt so much. Go to our Facebook to see more photos of the two days.
Our girls just completed a Sexual & Reproductive Health workshop with NAFGEM. Go to Facebook to see more photos.
Another sale for 3 of our girls and another happy customer. They manage the sale and the paperwork. A great day.
A new flock of chicks have been delivered to some of our Shukuru girls. Look at those smiling faces..

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