Shukuru helps girls invest in their own education.

High school is the road less traveled for a girl in Africa.

Shukuru’s First-ever ‘Walk a Mile in Her Kanga’ Event

Support our first-ever ‘Walk a Mile in Her Kanga’ challenge! This year, Shukuru is challenging men and boys to complete a sponsored mile-long walk wearing a kanga, the colorful piece of fabric that Tanzanian women wear wrapped around their waists, and carrying a bucket of water on their head!

Students from two local international schools are championing Shukuru’s cause by fundraising and recruiting as many male walkers as possible for the day of the event, April 26th. Participants are raising sponsorship funds from family members and friends both in Tanzania and abroad, spreading the word about the need for girls’ education and equality.

The event will raise funds to support the in-kind agricultural inputs of chicks for Shukuru Girls to raise, along with feed, vaccines and medicines as well as capacity-building workshops in poultry rearing, financial literacy and composting.

Inspired by the ‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’ events in North America that raise awareness of violence against women, ‘Walk a Mile in Her Kanga’ not only helps raise funds that will help the Shukuru Girls earn money to continue their education, it is also a playful opportunity to rally support for the girls in Shukuru’s program and to raise awareness to end gender violence and inequality.

Join with the Tanzanian and international students who are supporting and participating in this event by donating to Shukuru today! Together, we can help girls in Tanzania and around the world reach their full potential.


Saturday, April  26 2014

9:00AM – Promptly

TGT, Rugby Field

St. Constantine and Braeburn International Schools

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