Shukuru helps girls invest in their own education.

High school is the road less traveled for a girl in Africa.

SEASON’S GIVING: Young Entrepreneurs & Rising Scholars

yellow hoodie“Education means everything to me. I want to study hard to become a lawyer and help mothers and women obtain their basic rights.”
– Rozi Judika, 12

Mark this season with a gift that supports underprivileged girls like Rozi in their efforts to self-finance their own secondary education.

In Tanzania, where 75% of girls are unable to attend secondary school, their potential is consistently stunted.

You can make a difference by giving a gift today that will:

– Support girl-driven enterprise.
– Equip Tanzanian girls with the self-confidence and entrepreneurial skills to become strong contributors in their communities.
– Enable girls to become self-reliant.
– Advance Shukuru’s mission of enabling underprivileged girls throughout the world the chance to go to secondary school with a leg up, not a hand out.

Join us in our Girl Revolution! 

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Twitter Updates

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Thanks @Redwoods1 for your donation and your support. Its always nice to meet more people that believe in what we are trying to do...
It was an amazing two day workshop. The girls learnt so much. Go to our Facebook to see more photos of the two days.
Our girls just completed a Sexual & Reproductive Health workshop with NAFGEM. Go to Facebook to see more photos.
Another sale for 3 of our girls and another happy customer. They manage the sale and the paperwork. A great day.
A new flock of chicks have been delivered to some of our Shukuru girls. Look at those smiling faces..

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