Shukuru helps girls invest in their own education.

High school is the road less traveled for a girl in Africa.

Our Approach

Entrepreneurship + Micro-savings

Shukuru has developed an entrepreneurial program where girls in Africa earn money and donors match their savings. We provide the seed capital, a business model that’s proven to work in their culture and an educational savings account. Our donors match each girl’s profits. One year in our program and a girl will have enough for all four years of high school.

Shukuru is not just sending girls to school, we’ve started a Girl Revolution: Girls who realize that SHE is her solution to an education and economic development. Entrepreneurship teaches innovation, negotiation and problem solving. Girls develop the skills and self-confidence to make choices that lead to better, healthier lives. Donor matching shows the girls that they are worth being educated and someone believes in them.

Why Focus On Educating Girls?

Poverty in Africa seems an intractable problem. Yet, when girls get an education, everything changes . . . for them and their communities. All key poverty factors improve dramatically.

Girls who graduate from high school:

-Have half as many children
-Are three times less likely to contract AIDS/HIV
-Will earn 25% more income

Most Girls in Africa Can’t Afford High School

Four out of five girls in Africa don’t attend high school because their families are either unable or unwilling to pay for their schooling. Close to 25% of teenagers have been orphaned or are caring for an ill parent. In a culture where boys are more valued, when the going gets tough for families, the girls are the least likely to be sent to school.

Girls Are Africa’s Great Untapped Potential

In cultures where sons as are expected to be the providers, daughters aren’t valued as highly. Yet, the girls in Africa have an incredible work ethic. They are motivated to make a better life for themselves and just need the skills and opportunity to break out of the cycle of poverty, and that’s what Shukuru provides.

We’re creating a movement where girls who have been written off will turn the tables on poverty in Africa.

What You Can Do

We need your help to share about the Girl Revolution. Here are a few simple things you can do that would be a big help:


Put a girl in Africa on the path to prosperity

Twitter Updates

A statement from our founder regarding the next step forward for Shukuru…
R friend, Dr. Trent inspires our dreams. Her new bk- a must read, The Girl Who Buried Her Dreams in A Can. Buy now:
Thanks @Redwoods1 for your donation and your support. Its always nice to meet more people that believe in what we are trying to do...
It was an amazing two day workshop. The girls learnt so much. Go to our Facebook to see more photos of the two days.
Our girls just completed a Sexual & Reproductive Health workshop with NAFGEM. Go to Facebook to see more photos.
Another sale for 3 of our girls and another happy customer. They manage the sale and the paperwork. A great day.
A new flock of chicks have been delivered to some of our Shukuru girls. Look at those smiling faces..

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