Shukuru helps girls invest in their own education.

High school is the road less traveled for a girl in Africa.

Celebrating International Day of the Girl…Every Day

“You can do and be anything you want. You have the potential to realize your dreams.” Unfortunately for many girls in Africa, they grow up rarely hearing these statements.

Although it’s that potential of transforming girls’ sense of self-worth and inspiring a shift in how communities value them that are among the most exciting aspects of Shukuru’s work. For, not only do we seek to enable girls to achieve educational equality, we help them realize their own potential to create change.

Helping girls like Upendo and Karima realize their dreams

How do we do this? It’s simple: by providing them the tools they need to get a full education.  Our program empowers girls to earn their own funds for secondary education in a way that’s culturally relevant and financially sustainable. At our core, Shukuru undertakes three critical responsibilities:

– Offering girls a microloan by setting them up with an age-appropriate enterprise;

– Providing girls and their families with skill-based training; and,

– Giving the girls incentive to save for their future through matching their earnings.

As opposed to being given a handout, girls are thus armed with confidence and self-reliant skills to become economically empowered, inspiring a shift in how rural communities view women’s potential in their society. More tangibly, after just one year in Shukuru’s program, girls save enough to attend all four years of secondary school! And as if that weren’t sufficient, they also earn enough to repay Shukuru’s loan, enabling us to reinvest in the next cycle of girls.

Where is this happening, you say? Well, we’re on the cusp of launching our pilot in Tanzania in a rural area in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro. This December, in partnership with the girls’ families alongside the communities, educators, and local government, we’re setting up to 100 girls with a poultry-rearing enterprise. With training and the help of their families, these girls will raise chicks while we work with local partners to ensure the chickens make it to market. Even as we speak, the girls – 10-12 years of age – are being nominated for participation.

It is our belief that girls who invest in themselves through education, entrepreneurship, and empowerment is what sparks change. In honor of the first International Day of the Girl, thank you to all of you who are working to make a difference for those who have not had access to a full education or the freedom to explore their unique potential. Join us in transforming lives, breaking through poverty, and creating a sustainable future for all of us.

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