Shukuru helps girls invest in their own education.

High school is the road less traveled for a girl in Africa.

Congratulations To The Shukuru Girls!

A look at their accomplishments and the future’s unfolding

As one exciting part of the Shukuru Girls’ journey ends, another begins!


With the last of the Girls’ chickens sold in August, the first cycle of our project – and the first chapter of the Girls’ journey towards a self-financed education – was brought to a gratifying and celebratory conclusion. As with any new project launch, the past months have been filled with challenges; yet, they have been equally fuelled by learning and heartened by the tremendous amount of commitment and hard work from the Girls.

Efforts Turned into Profits
In April, some Girls began to see their efforts turn into profits after successfully raising their day-old chicks into plump, healthy chickens and, with the help of Shukuru field staff, selling them to buyers throughout Moshi.

This is a momentous accomplishment for a number of reasons!


Most importantly, the Girls’ newfound profit from selling their chickens marks the first of their earnings toward a secondary education. They have emerged as nascent entrepreneurs equipped with budding business savvy and growing proficiency in livestock rearing. Their individual incomes reflect back the priceless message that Shukuru has cultivated: that she is the solution. By self-financing their own education, these Girls are building confidence in their ability to achieve their goals and pursue their dreams.

Furthermore, the integration of the Girls’ chickens into the local market speaks to the socio-economic viability of our pilot project. By successfully linking their chicken businesses to Tanzanian palates, these girls are enabling faithful poultry lovers to consume with a cause: their purchase motors the project forward and helps the Girls afford a secondary education.

nov2013_devs_3-eggsAnd Accompanying Profits…
The fruitful efforts of the Girls and their chicken rearing has been accompanied by fresh ideas for ongoing project sustainability.

In June, our pilot project organically evolved to include the additional selling of eggs to supplement profits from selling the meat.

nov2013_devs_4-holdchxThree Girls kept their hens and began raising them to laying maturity. In August, they began selling their eggs to a ready market. Like Poultry, these girls are tapping into Tanzanian tastes, catering to the consumer hankering for a plate of chips mayai, a local dish of French fries cooked with scrambled egg.


Alongside project progress, Shukuru continues to establish its ever-burgeoning presence in Tanzania, garnering media attention from Mambo Jambo radio and Farm Radio International.

Due to the significant reach of these radio stations within Tanzania and beyond, Shukuru’s name and unique impact on girls’ lives have been broadcast to diverse demographics and gained the eager support of local and international organizations. The future is ripe for new partnerships that can help advance Shukuru’s mission throughout Tanzania.

Help Manifest Shukuru’s Mission!
Building on the momentum of the first cycle’s successes, we are preparing to launch the next cycle of our pilot project.

 At this important juncture in Shukuru’s pilot project, your support is more important than ever!  Your generous donation will enable us to provide the next round of an in-kind loan: a new batch of baby chicks for each girl in our program, chicken feed and vaccinations. Rather than a handout, your dollar is invested in a project that fosters self-reliance and self-initiative, and enables Tanzanian girls to realize their potential.

nov2013_devs_6-uniformposeSo, the next time you have a craving for chicken, think of the Shukuru Girls and, like those here in Tanzania, consume with a cause: spread the word about Shukuru; encourage your friends to visit and donate; ‘Like’ us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter; or host a house party in support of girls investing in their education!

You! can help manifest Shukuru’s mission of empowering girls to self-finance their high school education!

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