Shukuru helps girls invest in their own education.

High school is the road less traveled for a girl in Africa.

Shukuru is now on

Lots of people like to raise money for charity and there are now great sites like that make raising money a lot simpler. You set up an account and then a fundraising campaign, which you can personalize with information on what your campaign is raising money for. You can add photos and videos and make your campaign page as … more

Shukuru hosts a Sexual and Reproductive Health Workshop in partnership with NAFGEM.

Starting on the 16th June, we conducted a two day workshop for the girls from Shukuru and our partner in this workshop, NAFGEM and their parents on sexual and reproductive health. The 16th June was also African Child Day. The pictures below show the girls taking part in songs and dances and group acting. The Shukuru and NAFGEM girls worked … more

Entreprenuerial Shukuru Girls Make Another Sale

We would like to introduce you to three of our Shukuru Girls. Omega Justine (Age 15), Verynice Godbless (Age 14) and Neema Stansalouse (Age 14) Omega is on her third cycle of raising and selling chickens and Verynice and Neema are on their second cycles. They recently had a buyer for some of their chickens and luckily we were on … more

Shukuru, Now a Molly’s Network Accredited Organization

“Molly’s Network’s assessors and independent Assessment Panel have recognized Shukuru as an organization that is meeting a need in the community in an effective and efficient way.” Shukuru is proud to announce that we are now Molly’s Accredited. On April 23rd, 2015, Molly’s Assessment Panel met to review Shukuru’s submission and status; “they unanimously agreed that Shukuru should now be considered … more

JoAnne talks Shukuru on Channel 5 News

JoAnne Longanilla, Founder of Shukuru, discuss the organization with Frank Mallicoat, the host of San Francisco’s Bay Sunday on KPIX Channel 5. (If you can’t view the video above, click here to visit youtube and watch the video.)

Season’s Greetings From Shukuru

Donate Now: We are on our way to receiving 100 donations by Dec 31st. Review the holiday gift guide to provide one of the following packages to the Shukuru Girls: Also, join the facebook event and invite your network!

Join our 2014 Annual Holiday Fundraiser

Join our facebook event, invite your network, and give the gift of opportunity this holiday season: Please consider giving a small donation ( during our annual holiday fundraiser. Even $15 will impact a girl for the rest of her life. If you can’t make a donation at this time, please join the event on facebook, tweet it, and forward to your network. … more

The Global Education Agenda: Where to Now?

So far, the 21st century has seen great improvements in primary school enrollment. When the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were set in 2000, there were 102 million primary school age children not in school. In 2013, that number had fallen to 57 million children. Clearly, there is significantly more work to do, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, but nearly halving … more

The Power of Empowerment

The recent kidnapping of almost 300 schoolgirls in northern Nigeria by the extremist group Boko Haram has shed a bright light on the glaring gender inequality that exists in many parts of the world. In places like Nigeria, girls are often not allowed to get an education and are not empowered to fully participate in their society. This incident – … more

Shukuru’s First-ever ‘Walk a Mile in Her Kanga’ Event

Support our first-ever ‘Walk a Mile in Her Kanga’ challenge! This year, Shukuru is challenging men and boys to complete a sponsored mile-long walk wearing a kanga, the colorful piece of fabric that Tanzanian women wear wrapped around their waists, and carrying a bucket of water on their head! Students from two local international schools are championing Shukuru’s cause by … more

Twitter Updates

A statement from our founder regarding the next step forward for Shukuru…
R friend, Dr. Trent inspires our dreams. Her new bk- a must read, The Girl Who Buried Her Dreams in A Can. Buy now:
Thanks @Redwoods1 for your donation and your support. Its always nice to meet more people that believe in what we are trying to do...
It was an amazing two day workshop. The girls learnt so much. Go to our Facebook to see more photos of the two days.
Our girls just completed a Sexual & Reproductive Health workshop with NAFGEM. Go to Facebook to see more photos.
Another sale for 3 of our girls and another happy customer. They manage the sale and the paperwork. A great day.
A new flock of chicks have been delivered to some of our Shukuru girls. Look at those smiling faces..

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