Shukuru helps girls invest in their own education.

High school is the road less traveled for a girl in Africa.

Shukuru is now on

Lots of people like to raise money for charity and there are now great sites like that make raising money a lot simpler. You set up an account and then a fundraising campaign, which you can personalize with information on what your campaign is raising money for. You can add photos and videos and make your campaign page as … more

Shukuru hosts a Sexual and Reproductive Health Workshop in partnership with NAFGEM.

Starting on the 16th June, we conducted a two day workshop for the girls from Shukuru and our partner in this workshop, NAFGEM and their parents on sexual and reproductive health. The 16th June was also African Child Day. The pictures below show the girls taking part in songs and dances and group acting. The Shukuru and NAFGEM girls worked … more

JoAnne’s #38for38 birthday wish

Last December, Shukuru was launched to help 38 adolescent girls realize that SHE is the solution in a society that marginalizes girls’ education. How? By self-financing her own secondary school fees. The past 11 months have begun to prove this message. This year I’m dedicating my birthday to our 38 Shukuru Girls. My birthday wish is that these young girls … more

“We want to be heroes…” – Celebrating International Day of the Girl Child

Shukuru paid tribute to the United Nation’s International Day of the Girl Child with the Shukuru girls in an interactive workshop that echoed the message broadcast throughout the world: Girls, you can fulfill your potential! It was a memorable day for all of us, punctuated by the insightful contributions of the Shukuru girls. The girls’ ability to articulate the significance of … more

Shukuru Girls make their first field trip

On March 28th, the Shukuru Staff took the 39 girls currently in the pilot program for their first field trip.  They visited Meserani Snake Park in Arusha, Tanzania.  The Shukuru staff (JoAnne, Shukuru’s Executive Director along with the the amazing field staff members Priyam, Dennis, and Haggai) were joined by Donna, a friend of Shukuru.  Donna was wonderful enough to write us … more

Shukuru’s pilot in Tanzania is enabling girls to go to school
Sjukuru works with microfinance to enable girls to get an education

Welcome to Shukuru’s first newsletter!  If you are getting this, you are part of the Girl Revolution that is building a world where all girls get an education. Girls want an education and are fighting globally for it.  They know it is so important for their future, that it will let them grow up and earn a good living, be … more

Shukuru Girls: A Chance to Be Somebody

SHUKURU Empowering Girls through Education & Entrepreneurship “I just want to be somebody.” -Maria Jems, 11 Shukuru’s first-ever group of Shukuru Girls seems at first to be a quiet bunch, shy and reserved around adults. They lightly shake my hand and bid a barely audible ‘good morning’ when I greet them. But don’t let their quiet voices fool you into … more

Join the Girl Revolution!

Support Girls Investing in their Own Education! HANDOUTS DON’T WORK. EMPOWER GIRLS THROUGH ENTREPRENEURIAL SOLUTIONS TO AFFORD THEIR OWN SCHOOL FEES AND GAIN LONG-TERM SELF-RELIANCE.  A Girl Revolution has begun in Tanzania. What is that, you ask? It’s when a girl realizes that SHE becomes the solution to her problems. It’s when she STOPS believing that her chance to get an education depends on … more

Celebrating International Day of the Girl…Every Day

“You can do and be anything you want. You have the potential to realize your dreams.” Unfortunately for many girls in Africa, they grow up rarely hearing these statements. Although it’s that potential of transforming girls’ sense of self-worth and inspiring a shift in how communities value them that are among the most exciting aspects of Shukuru’s work. For, not only … more

The Power of Believing
"Tanzanian Schoolgirls"

Today I visited a girl named Carrie*, a delicate, soft-spoken individual who looks younger than her 17 years. As we sit in the modest house she’s now living in with her sister and her sister’s family – no more than 60 square feet in all – she graciously serves me tea and bread. We’re surrounded by the family’s beautifully cultivated … more