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High school is the road less traveled for a girl in Africa.

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Lots of people like to raise money for charity and there are now great sites like that make raising money a lot simpler. You set up an account and then a fundraising campaign, which you can personalize with information on what your campaign is raising money for. You can add photos and videos and make your campaign page as eye catching as possible. You can then promote your campaign to your friends and family through easy sharing options that the site offers. Tweeting or facebooking about your fundraising endeavors will help spread the word and elicit donations. These sites allow people to make a donations safely and securely by clicking on the donate button on your page and entering credit card information. This means no hassle with collecting cheques or accepting wire transfers. It is all so quick and easy. Sites like also do all the work at the end by pooling all the donations you have received and sending them directly to your charity.

Shukuru is now live on and in the post below, we talk you through how to set up on and then how to set up a fundraising campaign.

The process of setting up your fundraising is very simple.

Step 1) Go online to

Step 2) Register your first and last name and the other information you are asked for and then click through to the next screen

Step 3) The next screen will open and it will show the screen where you start to input information about the campaign. Here you should look at the top bar of the page next to your name in the right corner. You will see ‘Campaign Type’. You should set that at ‘Certified Charity’. This means that all the money you raise goes directly to the charity and you don’t have to worry about withdrawing the money at the end of the fundraiser and sending it to us. It also means that because you are raising money for a certified charity, your campaign is deemed more credible.

Step 4) Then carry on filling out the rest of the page. You will see a box with just above it, ‘All money raised will go to:’. Here you should type in Shukuru Foundation and click on the result.

Step 5) Give your campaign a name and type in your Zip Code. By giving your Zip code, it means that when your fundraising reaches a certain level and you follow certain other steps, your friends and relatives can type in your Zip code and find your campaign in the search results on

Step 6) Finish setting up your campaign and link into your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Step 7) When your campaign page is live, customize it further with a custom page link, which you can write yourself. Add photos and video.

Step 8) Let us know about your fundraising campaign and we will promote your efforts on our social media pages throughout your fundraising efforts. It’s the least we can do.

Step 9) Finally, don’t forget to update your page with updates on how you are going if you are training for a marathon for example. Your donors will love to see what’s going on. Post video and photos as that helps.

Two final important things about using are:

1) The site takes a fee from every donation that you get, so please read the terms and conditions carefully before you sign up.

2) As you are setting up a ‘certified charity campaign’, it may ask you to set up a Stripe account, you don’t need to set one up.

We at Shukuru know that for someone to take on a challenge to raise money for a charity is a big deal so if anyone wanted to raise money for Shukuru, we thought that by registering on, we would try and make it a little easier for you amazing people. So whether you want to run a marathon or swim for miles or sit in a bath of beans dressed in a funny costume and raise money for Shukuru in the process, we hope we made the fundraising process a little easier for you.

Happy Fundraising…


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